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  Sewage Tretment Plant

OCEANIC waste water plant employees latest and proven technologies to treat any kind of waste water and produce required quality of treated water.

Equipments supplied are :

  • Bar Screen
  • Sewage Handling Pumps
  • Air Blowers
  • Surface Areators
  • Sludge Handling Equipments
  • Diffusers
  • Floculator
  • Clarifiers
  • Filter Press etc...

Prefabricated / Skid Mounted Sewage Treatment Plant are also available for Construction Site, Oil Fields & Remote Location

 Effluent Treatment Plant :
OCEANIC effluent treatment plants are available to treat various types of industrial effluents and sewage, to produce treated water within prescribed standards by various state Pollution Control Boards for disposal on land for irrigation or in surface waters.


 Package Sewage Plant :
For treating municipal sewage, or sewage generated by large colonies, Hotels, Hospitals and institutions / commercial buildings, 'OCEANIC' offers compact sewage treatment plants.

The treated effluent water can be further polished through Tertiary stage comprising filteration plant and Softeners to produce clean, clear and hardness free water for reuse in the industries for Cooling Tower make up and gardening purpose.

When the Sewage Treatment and Effluent Treatment became statutory requirement of all the State Pollution Control Boards, everybody, whether a Hotelier or Industrialist were looking for economical, easy to install and operate compact type Effluent Treatment Plant. Since the land is extremely expensive, very few industries could afford the large treatment units as recommended by most of the Consultants. These large units were designed on the theoretical knowledge mainly.

OCEANIC being pioneer in the field was always in the search of some technology by which the need of the industries and Hotels can be easily satisfied.

After years of research, we have now developed a Compact and Versatile Effluent Treatment Plant, which can treat upto 100 cu. mt/day of efflent or sewage with inlet BOD of around 300 mgs/lit. The entire plant is package unit which is skid mounted and can be installed near to the effluent receiving underground tank. This is the only underground tank which client has to provide at site to collect the raw sewage/effluent. After treatment, the treated water can be reused for gardening or can be disposed off Onland irrigation. The area occupied by the plant is only 5 M x 2 M (10 sq. mt.). The power requirement is only 7.5 HP(5.2 kw).


 Principle of Treatment :
The package plant employs all the treatments of Aerobic system, which is conventional and proven throughout the world. This includes:

  • Aeration by air sparger.
  • Coagulation.
  • Quick setting/ sedimentation using inclined Tube Settler.
  • Filteration through sand filter.
  • Chlorination (optional).
  • It includes Secondary and Tertiary Treatment Plant.

The various other processes employed for treatment of SEWAGE are:

  • SAFF Reactor
  • FAB Reactor
  • MBBR Process

Sewage Treatment Plant


We also have Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant. We have specially developed totally underground Sewage Treatment Plant, which has unique features and is more practical. It is not only economical but it also does not waste ground space.

The scheme offered by us is based on "Extended diffused aeration with activated sludge process". Further, we can make it compact using MBBR based aeration tank. This scheme is approved by MPCB and is used world wide for treating sewage water successfully. The treated water will be used for gardening, thus you have zero discharge and costly water recovery.  


 Salient Features of Totally Underground STP:
  • Totally underground plant with covered top and compact design
  • Almost automatic design and except for chemical solution preparation and filter backwashing, entire plant will run automatically (we can offer auto backwashing filters also at an additional price)
  • Full proof proven treatment scheme
  • Above ground Plant room adjacent to the treatment plant for easy operation.
  • Produces reusable treated water for gardening.
  • No special spare parts, tools/tackles needed for maintenance.
  • Since this is Activated Sludge type Aerobic process, no foul smell imitated like anaerobic system.
  • Aeration is also provided in the sludge chamber to avoid septicity of the sludge.
  • Since treated water is chlorinated and de-chlorinated, Ecoli will be almost absent.
  • The additional NO/NC contacts provided in main control panel to communicate the working of Sewage Treatment Plant to Building Management System (At additional cost).


Compact Sewage Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant & Control Room

Sewage Treatment Plant


Aeration Tank with Floating


Aeration Lagoon

Fixed Type Surface Aerator


Prefabricated STP

Prefabricated Plant

Sludge Beds



Air Blowers



Dewatering Pump

Sewage Pump with Grinding Mechanism



Filter Press

FAB BIO Pack Media



 Advantage with Oceanic
  • High efficiency and large treatment capacity.
  • Compact arrangement saves installation space.
  • Pre assembled design save installation cost.
  • Minimum maintenance cost.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Full line of standardized equipment for quick delivery.