Oceanic offers a complete Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning Service Package for Swimming Pool Projects, whether they are Residential Pools or Commercial Pools.

We have one of the largest team of on-site trained individuals, for providing assistance in design as well as smooth execution of your project. We are there at every step of the way guiding you and making sure your dream becomes a reality. Oceanic has a complete range of Swimming Pool equipment and Maintenance Accessories to provide the user with versatile cleaning options. Oceanic provides cutting edge solutions to make your pool interactive and unique. We also supply ornamental and innovative products to make your pool one of a kind. Whether it be heating, automation or mood lighting, Oceanic can customize and provide hassle-free solutions for all your requirements.

Swimming Pool Designing and Construction

If you are looking to build a new swimming pool, Oceanic can help you design and construct the pool of your dreams. We offer a wide range of swimming pool designs, from simple rectangular pools to more elaborate free-form designs. We can also customise the pool to fit your specific needs and preferences. Oceanic only uses high-quality materials and employs skilled workers to ensure that the swimming pool is built to the highest standards

Swimming Pool Repair and Renovation Services

In addition to designing and constructing new swimming pools, We also offer repair and renovation services for existing swimming pools. Whether you need to fix a leak, replace the pool tiles, or add new features to your pool, We have the expertise and experience to get the job done. Our team of skilled technicians can diagnose and fix any issue with your swimming pool, ensuring that it is in top condition.

Ozonized Pools

Oceanic has a complete range of Ozonators to reduce the Chlorine consumption of your pool by upto 80%! It is not only healthy but saves on running costs too!

Why Ozonation?

Non Cancerous

Makes the water non – carcinogenic


Ozone burns the THMs (Tri halo methane’s) given out by Chlorine reactions


Ozone oxidizes sweat, sputum, body oil, saliva, deodorants etc. which is not possible by Chlorine


Eye irritation, skin rash, hair and skin bleaching are avoided



Eliminates all known types of Bacteria and Virus.


Removes Odour and colour from water


Oxidises trace metals in the water

Shock Dosing

Shock dosing to the pool can be avoided

Operation & Maintenance

Oceanic provides complete End to End solution for you pool. After the successful commissioning of your pool, AMC of equipments and regular day to day operation can be carried out as per your pool requirements. Keeping the pool clean & sanitized is the foremost requirement & we do not compromise on your health or safety!

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